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Welcome to Amber & Bohème

Hi I’m Amber, and Amber & Bohème is my little bohemian baby – a macramé, bohemian décor and styling business for weddings & events!


We have a keen eye for anything and everything bohemia! We’ve always loved the relaxed bohemian vagabond aesthetic and lifestyle, & the passion we have for all things natural really has become a way of life for us! (cliché we know) That’s why, within our lovingly curated collection of bits and bobs, you’ll find plenty of natural materials and elements from sea grasses, banana leaf and raffia, to rattan, cane, shells and cottons. It’s all there; if Mother Nature made it, it’s special and is celebrated within our collection.


Not only that, but all the beautiful macrame pieces you see withing our collection are all handmade by Amber, who is a fibre artist! She creates beautiful dreamy macramé pieces for many elements of your big day or special event that you can hire out and enjoy. She an absolute sucker for all things natural so all the fibres used in her art are natural cottons, jutes and raffias!


We love love love textures and little special details too - you’ll quickly notice that all my macramé work as well as our items within our collection are FULL of layers, textures, fringing and tassels, all mixed around intricate details and patterns – to us, more is more! We just adore it all, and Amber & Bohème is the literal embodiment of this unwavered love that we’ll always have for a bohemian life!


Amber & Bohème is solely and predominantly a bohemian style company. We don’t do any other concepts such as farmhouse rustic or country cottage as it’s not our vibe and there are plenty of other incredible companies that cater to those concepts. We are bohemia only, so everything we source fits within that style. We’ve always loved bohemia, it has so many avenues to explore and so many different styles, and it’s something we’ve always been drawn to all our lives, allowing us to really refine our eye for bohemian details!


We get tonnes of inspiration from nature and we love all natural fibres and materials, so loads of my items are natural woods like cane, bamboo and rattan. These are also recycled or up-cycled 2nd hand items, which fit into the very strong environmentally conscious ethics that both our company and the general bohemia vibe is built on. Everything is mix matched and different; there’s lots of age and character, lots of nature, and a really relaxed informal vibe. We just love it and our whole lives are based around it!

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