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Juliette by the Sea


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Wedding Celebrant
Dorset & the South West UK

'Dance to the Music of Your Love'.

When you start the journey of married life together, at the very beginning of your wedding day, I will be there supporting you both.  The recognisable face of a friend you trust waiting in front of your friends and family.

​I will be there to conduct your ceremony and to actively invoke any elements of your life together you choose to share as part of your wedding ceremony. Your likes and loves, values and dreams, inspirations and aesthetics, each will be as important to me as they are to you. 

As a Boho Couple, you already know you are independent, free spirited and creative. Your boho wedding can take place literally anywhere. I believe that the ceremony should start the party, not just be the quick part before the party begins. By choosing a celebrant (like me!) to hold your ceremony, it will give you both just such an opportunity. 


'As a celebrant I can conduct your ceremony wherever you feel joy, inspiration, fun, and romance'.  


Outside or inside?  A woodland glade or by water?  In your garden or at a skate park? You think of a place and I will help make it happen. Bring your pets, have a sing along, involve your children or other people’s, let your grandpa sing a song. It is your wedding ceremony and with a celebrant, couples have choices to express themselves. 

From the moment we first meet, getting to know each other in advance of your wedding, I will listen to you both and learn your stories. As a qualified celebrant, I will guide you both from the beginning on how you can structure your wedding ceremony, writing it just how you deserve to have it read. I can offer wonderful rituals for you to include, such as hand-fasting, a centuries old tradition of tying ribbons or rope around the couple’s hands to signify unity and bonds of love.

I love working across cultures, exploring heritages and different beliefs in doing so creating fusion weddings, unique to just you. Should you fancy creating your own Boho ritual, well that is a fabulous idea!


A Little Bit More About Juliette
It is important that you both get to know me as the celebrant you can trust to tell your stories. So about me. I live by the sea in Dorset, as being near water has always been important to me and before the sea, I always lived as close as I could to a river.  I find it soothing, inspiring, ever-changing and life-affirming. 

As a celebrant, I draw on a wealth of experience from my professional, as well as my personal life. I have worked in worldwide events production for a major entertainment company (colleagues included Mr & Mrs M. Mouse and a few princesses). My working life as a fashion historian started at the Victoria and Albert Museum, in London, in the costume department. I love talking wedding outfits! With a Master’s degree in the Art Market, one of my passions is collecting and selling antiques at markets and on-line. ​

'I have always been told that I write visually, think creatively, smile widely, and laugh loudly'. 


All of this is the heart of me, who I am. I use my skills and creativity for your wedding, creating a unique moment in time, for you both to cherish on your day.

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Our Boho Supplier Values

Juliette by the Sea

Environmentally Sustainable Work Practises

Being environmentally savvy is a necessity for my business, my wellbeing and my soul. It should, and is, at the forefront of my decision making not only personally, but also in my business practices. Above all, I support inclusion, diversity and social awareness in my business as a celebrant. I also believe wholeheartedly in a local supply chain, working with equally committed wedding professionals close by. I aim to ‘keep love local’ wherever I can and in doing so I can offset my carbon footprint at the same time as helping local businesses. Any paper used during my ceremonies is printed on recycled paper and I only choose to print when necessary, such as a copy of your vows and ceremony. Being so close to the sea, I am passionate about keeping the beach clean and protecting our marine life, supporting ‘surfers against sewage’ in their campaigns.


I have known Juliette in both a work and personal capacity for over twenty years. She’s full of mi...

I have known Juliette in both a work and personal capacity for over twenty years. She’s full of mischief yet totally professional, with a huge heart and a gloriously open mind. Creative, compassionate and 100% can do, I can’t think of a better person to add joy and meaning to your wedding ceremony.

By Heather Moore, on 2022-01-26 05:56:25
Juliette is literally the best celebrant you could ask for. She is fun, kind, loving, entertaining a...

Juliette is literally the best celebrant you could ask for. She is fun, kind, loving, entertaining and authentic. She is an absolute joy to work with, bringing creativity, sensitivity and plenty of smiles and laughter. Which is why we have asked her to be our celebrant for our own wedding next year.

By Amy and Eddy, on 2022-01-26 05:56:00