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Hi I'm the Brides' Body Confidence Coach

As your wedding coach I help you look and feel stunning on your wedding day by building your confidence from within and enabling you to overcome your personal self doubt and insecurities so you can be totally present on your wedding day.

Taking you from your engagement, to buying your dress, getting the most from your photos and your wedding day itself, I help you boost your wedding wellbeing and build belief that you are enough at every stage. This is achieved through a programme designed to create sustainable change in your life through mindset shifts, emotional breakthrough and habit changes.

My background

My expertise comes from 40 years as a registered nurse (you have to really love your job to stick it for that long!). Roles as a cardiology ward sister, menopause nurse specialist and practice nurse  taught me two main things: how to really listen and support my patients to achieve the changes they wanted in their lives. Then 10 wonderful years as a lecturer in Clinical Communication at the University of Cambridge developed my coaching and facilitation skills. I topped this up with training as a stress resilience trainer in 2019 so I could better help my nutrition clients to self care and manage their negative self talk.

I guess you could say what makes me different is me!


Why Body Confidence?

Before deciding where to focus my bridal business I listened really carefully to what brides were  struggling with. It was clear to me that whilst overwhelm, stress and budgets were always mentioned by far the most frequently wedding mentioned topics referred to the brides body, Crash diets, whitened teeth, questioning whether they should wear white, constantly changing their mind about their dress and dreading photos were sources of huge distress and where I knew offering brides support I could make a real difference. I’ve had my own struggles to (both with my body shape and menopausal  acne) and only really accepted my body in my 50s so I can really relate.


Perhaps you’re dreading starting yet another diet, You’ve yo yo dieted for years and just wish you felt more confident about your body. I promise losing weight isn’t the answer. It’s what you say to yourself that needs to change. Together we can find out what the issue is, help you change that inner critic - that tells you you’re not beautiful - and help you slowly face your fears whilst watching your body confidence blossom.


When you choose to work with me as your body confidence coach we’ll have fun and I’ll over deliver! You’ll feel more in control of all areas of your life, experience less wedding stress and enjoyyour wedding so much more. The great thing is everything we work on can be taken with you into your future life together.

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Our Boho Supplier Values

My Wedding Godmother

Environmentally Sustainable Work Practises

I believe sustainability isn't just a buzz word it's a word that keeps us accountable for our actions. We all have to take daily small actions to minimise climate change, reduce waste and our carbon foot print. Mine are reducing mileage by working almost exclusively online. Using products that use post consumer recycled plastic, donating money to the woodland trust for tree planting and keeping printing to an absolute minimum.

Over Deliver

5 words clients have used to describe me. An encourager who is passionate, compassionate, insightful, genuine, irrepressible! No matter what's happening I'll be there as a calming positive influence . My brides know that if they reach out I will respond perhaps with a 1 minute meditation, or quick breathing exercise, whatever it takes to keep them in the present, enjoying the build up to their wedding and doing things their way. Having an open and honest relationship with my clients is vital to me. if they're not happy I want to know so I can change the way I'm working with them. I'm always looking to improve and ask all my clients for a feedback phone call so I can continually develop my service.

Advocate Representation

I enable brides to love who they are, their bodies and everything they stand for - to embrace self care and self love and know they are enough.

Highly Regarded

I have to be honest, my bridal wellbeing business only started a few months ago. So I'm absolutely thrilled to have received some wonderful comments and testimonials from brides and suppliers.


Sally is friendly and approachable and really easy to talk to. She takes time to find out what is im...

Sally is friendly and approachable and really easy to talk to. She takes time to find out what is important to you, and what you want to achieve and helps you set goals that are challenging but achievable. She provides, clear, concise information and gives constant support and encouragement to keep you motivated throughout. A bride wants to feel beautiful on her big day. Sally makes you feel beautiful everyday.

By Mandy, on 2022-01-27 02:17:04
In one word, Sally is brilliant! She is warm and caring, plus knowing that she's a former nurse, gi...

In one word, Sally is brilliant! She is warm and caring, plus knowing that she's a former nurse, gives me the confidence in her advice on nutrition and health.

By Linda Humphries, on 2022-01-27 02:16:42
I am not an advocate of weight loss just for your wedding day. I am choosing to lose weight so that ...

I am not an advocate of weight loss just for your wedding day. I am choosing to lose weight so that I am healthier. I have managed to lose 1 stone in 4 weeks whilst enjoying a few takeaways and birthday cake. I am sure that the reason for this is because of the body confidence help I've had from the super knowledgeable and caring Sally at My Wedding Godmother. Although the programme is not about weight loss, I am learning to be more comfortable with myself, recognise my issues with my appearance and not punish myself if I do have a "relaxed day". In turn that has given me the confidence in myself to maintain a path to a healthier lifestyle.

By Molly Cassingena, on 2022-01-27 02:16:15