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Spiritual Wedding Celebrant
Ordained OneSpirit Minister

Hey! I'm Nixie James-Scott.

I have been a designer, a hands on therapist and healer and a ceremonialist. I’m an ordained OneSpirit Minister working with people of any faith path or none, weaving in spiritual elements into my ceremonies if that reflects who you are as a couple!

Choosing to have a celebrant led wedding and engaging me as your Celebrant gives you the ultimate choices for the who, what, where and when of your own Unique Ceremony. There are no rules! You may wish to have an elopement wedding with just the two of you or a massive festival style wedding on a beach, in a field or woodland, a fabulous do at a country house hotel or anything in-between! There are no legal limitations in a celebrant ceremony, no licenced venues, no restrictions on music, time or words!

So why me?

I have never felt limited by the need to conform to the norm, and I love to bring this element into my ceremonies! I am there for your love, the story of your love and the future hopes of your love! I am there to translate who you are as two unique individuals and as a unique couple and weave all this history and aspiration into YOUR Unique Ceremony.

A ceremony that will be remembered for ever, by you and all that you choose to share in it. A ceremony rich in memorable and meaningful words and symbolism, as colourful and musical as you want, with as much participation by your friends and family as you want…My ceremonies don’t include ‘should haves’ or ‘must haves’ it is not my ceremony, it is yours, I write it with you and for you.
 I love to encourage couples to word their own vows to each other, the absolute heart of the Wedding Day…let’s face it that’s why it is all happening!


'I am passionate about words and their rich and deep meaning'.


I create ceremonies that flow and take everyone on a journey of witnessing and blessing the union of two souls uniting in love. The story of the couple is something that I find totally mesmerising as it is how they have arrived at this point in both their lives where they feel ready to commit to being joined together in marriage, and yet still being two individuals too.

I am also drawn to use symbolism in ceremonies and find that the sight of the couple being hand-fast together and then stating their heartfelt vows to each other whilst looking deep into each other’s eyes so very powerful and moving….

I spend as long as it takes meeting with you, in person or via zoom etc. and you check on the ceremony every step of the way, as I said it is

YOUR Unique Ceremony…YOUR DAY – YOUR WAY….Let’s talk!

PS. I am great at putting people at their ease, love engaging with your guests and have a natural sense of humour too!


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Our Boho Supplier Values

Nixie James Scott - Unique Ceremonies

Environmentally Sustainable Work Practises

I am personally committed to being as environmentally sustainable as I can be in my personal and business life. I strive to minimise waste, and use of non-recyclable items as a matter of course. My aim is to tread lightly on the earth, take only photos and leave only footprints….My pet hate is litter, I abhor littering!! Don’t get me started…! By choice I haven’t flown anywhere since January 2003 when we flew back from our own Spiritual Wedding in Greece. My husband and I decided that we would avoid air travel where it was possible; I am blessed to live in beautiful North Devon so every day is like being on holiday so no need to fly anywhere most of the time!

Over Deliver

Because I am so passionate about the work that I have chosen to do it is actually far more than work, it is me, it is what I am not just what I do! I will never say, ‘oh well that will do, it’s good enough!’ It has to be the best it can be, tweaking words until the last minute often to get it right! I have never ‘held’ a wedding ceremony for a couple that I didn’t feel deeply connected to and keep in touch with so many of them – often being invited to create Naming Ceremonies if they chose to create a family together! I am also very flexible with timings etc, so if Aunt Flo is held up on the motorway – I can wait, move things around and find the best way to please everyone!

Advocate Representation

I embrace the weird, the quiet, the loud, the individual, the personal choice; I chose to represent those who feel more on the periphery maybe. I want to help you to create the perfect ceremony that reflects you both as a couple. Remember nothing is impossible….Let’s celebrate our differences and be proud to show who we are to the world!

Highly Regarded

I am not the most prolific Celebrant as I put so much into each wedding; both timewise, physically but also emotionally, that I would rather do fewer weddings better than churn out more less individual weddings. I believe that I have high regard from my fellow suppliers for this integrity and for my presence and ‘holding’ of ceremonies. I aim to make everyone feel included in the ceremony, no one is there as an onlooker! I have lovely Christmas cards each year from so many of my previous wedding couples and often get notes and mentions on Social Media when their anniversaries come up!


Dear Nixie , We had a truly wonderful wedding day and we couldn’t have done it without you! Tha...

Dear Nixie , We had a truly wonderful wedding day and we couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you so much for being our celebrant for our special day as well as for the help, advice, friendship and cheese scones leading up to the event. The ceremony itself was beyond beautiful, and despite the day going by in a blur, the wonderful things that you said and the service you prepared for us have stayed with us ever since. We feel so lucky to have met you, and didn’t just get the perfect celebrant, but also made a new friend. With love and warmest wishes

By Matt and Jess , on 2022-01-27 01:59:19
Dear Nixie, thank you sooo much for being our amazing, fantabulous, earnest, heartfelt, dreamy and a...

Dear Nixie, thank you sooo much for being our amazing, fantabulous, earnest, heartfelt, dreamy and awesome celebrant!! You really made the day for us with your beautifully written service, and warm and relaxed persona! All our friends and family said how great you were! We had an amazing day and the party ended with mead and a jog at 4am os we definitely made the most of the day! I’m sure our paths will cross again soon, I hope so!

By Holly Speed and Andy Ricards, on 2022-01-27 01:58:50