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Jewellery Pieces Inspired by the Ocean
Handmade Wedding Jewellery
Recycled Silver & Gold
Ethically Sourced Gemstones
Boho Wedding Jewellery
Organic and Textured Jewellery

Bohemian style wedding jewellery

Here at The Little Wedding Jeweller, we aim to bridge the gap between the mainstream wedding industry, where you personal taste may not be represented, and your unique sense of style in an affordable and sustainable way.

Emily will help you to design, customise and personalise your dream wedding jewelley and jewellery collection, working with your sense of unique style to bring your vision to life!

Inspired by the ocean and a lover of textured and unusual jewellery, Emily will hand craft the wedding jewellery of your bohemian dreams.

From your first design meeting, to receiving progress pictures and updates you are involved every step of the way, creating not only jewellery but a whole experience you can remember forever.

Using traditional silversmith techniques and working with eco friendly and sustainable materials, Emily specialises in personalised and customised bohemian wedding jewellery. 

Contact Emily today to discuss your wedding day jewellery aspirations.

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Our Boho Supplier Values

The Little Wedding Jeweller

Environmentally Sustainable Work Practises

All silver and gold used is recycled and gem stones are sourced from small and ethical businesses.

Over Deliver

All customers are made to feel a part of the process, being as involved as possible with the creation of their wedding jewellery. Progress photos, videos and virtual design meetings are all available as standard and if we can meet up in person to design your pieces, even better!

Advocate Representation

Even if your personal style isn’t represented in the main stream wedding arena, you can rest assured it is understood here!